Location: North West Sydney, NSW, Australia

Garage/Nerd Grotto


Sydney time: 05:57:52 21-Mar-2018 (Wed) UTC time: 18:57:52 20-Mar-2018 (Tue) Sunrise today: 07:03 Sunset today: 19:03 Sunrise tomorrow: 07:04 Sunset tomorrow: 19:01 Temperature: 24.6°C, 76.3°F Max. Temperature: °C @ 10:00:00 1-Jan-1970 (Thu) Min. Temperature: °C @ 10:00:00 1-Jan-1970 (Thu) Humidity: 58.4% Max. Humidity: % @ 10:00:00 1-Jan-1970 (Thu) Min. Humidity: % @ 10:00:00 1-Jan-1970 (Thu) Approx. Dew Point: 15.9°C Max. Dew Point: °C @ 16:29:17 16-Feb-1970 (Mon) Min. Dew Point: °C @ 16:29:17 16-Feb-1970 (Mon) Pressure: hPa Max. Pressure: hPa @ 10:00:00 1-Jan-1970 (Thu) Min. Pressure: hPa @ 10:00:00 1-Jan-1970 (Thu) Ambient Light: 0/1023 Arduino Restart: 10:00:06 1-Jan-1970 (Thu)

The Arduino tries to send data to the server every minute (see timestamp).
Timestamp of data is local Sydney time - UTC+10 or UTC+11 (DST).
DST runs from first Sunday of October @ 02:00 until first Sunday of April @ 03:00.
Max/Min readings reset every Sunday at midnight.
Approximate dew point is calculated using the Magnus formula.
(Fog forms when the ambient temperature is around the dew point)
Sunrise/Sunset times are estimated and recalculated at midnight.

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