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Our story on "A Current Affair"

Our family's story was featured on A Current Affair.

Unfortunately, on the same day the Dept. of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) we got a letter from a lovely bureaucrat in the department named "Chona" that we didn't meet the criteria for the Minister, Mr Dutton, to give a crap about us.

So my mum-in-law is going to have to leave her only family here in Australia, she is essentially being made homeless by the government, being kicked out from her family.

This in turn means that my family, three of us born in Australia, will now need to emigrate … somewhere … to support her. Until then we'll need to send her about $1000/month to help with her rent & bills.

All because Peter Dutton couldn't give a shit about his fellow Australians. Amazing fellow.

Our eldest son, nine years old, now hates the government. He can't understand why they are doing this. Needless to say that our kids will be life-long anyone-but-Liberal-Party voters.

I'll be taking my Masters degree in engineering with me. And as the government can't be bothered to help us remain in our country, I certainly can't see why I should help them in my job (minor that it is). They will need to get used to not having me around anyway.