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February 2016


Day-off after working Sunday night so doing some chores. Of course, the starter cable on the lawn mower breaks … one more chore added to the list.

2016-02-22 10.53.20

Found a replacement cable at the hardware shop easily enough - it's about 30cm shorter than the original.

Was pretty easy replacing it … until I tried to figure out how to put it all back together.

2016-02-22 16.09.21

Finally figured out the trick - you need to give it a few turns to tension the spring BEFORE you feed the cable back out and attach the handle. Duh!

Don't let go!

2016-02-22 16.15.16

Just like new!

2016-02-22 16.17.27

Blue Cheese Butter

Something different we tried! Blue cheese butter on BBQ steaks. Wife and I got our blue cheese (or 'aurajuusto') obsession from our time in Finland.

The butter was pretty simple to make:

  • 100g softened butter,
  • 100g blue cheese,
  • two crushed cloves of garlic,
  • two teaspoons of chopped sage leaves.

Mash the ingredients all together and then form into a log on some grease-proof paper. Wrap the ends and put it back into the fridge to firm up.

2016-02-06 16.13.40

Cook the steaks on the barbie as per normal (just some salt & pepper seasoning), and then put a couple of knobs of the butter on the steaks as soon as they come off the barbie.

Simple & delicious.

2016-02-06 18.31.22

(from 'BBQ Food' by Murdoch Books, p184)