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Mazda3 MPS upgrades, part 3

Almost done …

[7] COBB Rear Motor Mount
The MPS has always had a scary amount of torque steer … but replacing the stock RMM has made a massive difference. I can now accelerate hard … and still drive in a straight line! Wow Winking The torque steer is gone as far as I can tell. The drawback is there's vibration in the cabin at low revs/idling, but it's a small price to pay!

Here's the stock RMM in place:

2016-06-08 12.58.51

It was quite hard removing the bottom bolt on the subframe bracket … but I got it done. Make sure you've got a torque wrench and jack stands (I only had my scissor jack at the time).

Comparison of the stock and COBB mounts:

2016-06-08 13.18.59

Here's the COBB RMM in place, ready to swing the subframe bracket back into place:

2016-06-08 13.21.59

All done!

2016-06-08 13.31.40

[8] Upgraded spark plugs
I replaced the stock Mazda spark plugs with Denso ITV22 plugs as suggested by COBB. I don't know if I can notice a difference, but the main thing is that I didn't screw anything up!

2016-07-17 15.56.00