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August 2020

Kenda "The Professional" DMFS for the BBC Model B

I've finally started consolidating my collection of BBC Model Bs.

This particular Issue 7 came with the Kenda "The Professional" DMFS with PADS … where DMFS = Disc Management Filing System and PADS = Professional Architecture for Disc Storage.

2020-08-05 07.20.21-1

I've not been able to find out much about this rare interface apart from one brochure and an article in BEEBUG.

2020-08-05 07.20.54-1

It's packaged in a solid block of epoxy (yay) and comes with a 24-pin plug for a free ROM socket (not 28-pin).

2020-08-05 07.20.31-1

From the BEEBUG review it appears to be based on the Intel 8272 disc controller which allows double-density support.

2020-08-11 09.38.25