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Bike Sonar, 2nd test run

Took it for a quick test run this morning. No traffic around so I couldn't properly test it, so I rode past some parked cars instead!

Here's a screen grab from the Fly6 video.

Pasted Graphic

An idea for a different implementation - replace the LED display with a Bluetooth module and feed the data to an app on my phone. This would be an opportunity to both figure out how to implement BT in my Arduino projects and also how to write an iOS app.

Anyway, refinement continues. I will probably replace the LeoStick with an Arduino Nano clone so I can run it off a 9V battery and thus enclose the ultrasonic sensor, Arduino and battery in a more-waterproof Jiffy box or similar. I could probably do the Bluetooth version at the same time so the whole sonar would be in a single box - much less fiddly.

I'm having fun regardless of how useful this may turn out to be!