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Bike Sonar, part 3

Now, the idea seems to work on a breadboard.

To properly test it, I need to move it to something that can be attached to a bike and powered off a battery.

My original idea was to have the Arduino, ultrasonic sensor, LED display driver mounted on one circuit board at the back of the bike and the LED display mounted remotely on the handlebars.

Pasted Graphic 1

Slept on it, then decided to use a Freetronics LeoStick with the ultrasonic sensor mounted above it on a ProtoStick. The piezo buzzer, LED display and driver IC would then be mounted separately and I'd use my Cycliq Fly6 to record the results. This is what I ended up with - my original breadboard prototype at the top and the bike-ready prototype at the bottom:

Pasted Graphic 2

I had an old DSLAM serial-port cable handy with a handy ten-pin connector so I used that to link the two circuit boards.

Moving to the LeoStick required some port changes … note to self … solder the components to the ProtoStick first … and THEN solder in the male header pins (damn amateur).

Anyway, it worked pretty much straight away! Phew.

Next step - somehow mounting it on my bike!