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GameBoy Camera to iPhone, part 2

A very quick 'n' dirty test of the whole concept - the GameBoy Camera 'printing' to an Arduino, and the Arduino passing the output onto an iOS device. In this case I simply used the demo RedPark app on an iPad.

The picture below shows the data being received on the iPad from the GameBoy via the Arduino … the INIT string of 0x88 0x33 0x01 etc.

2016-02-09 07.34.21

So the next step is customising the code on the Arduino and on iOS. Probably I'll get the Arduino to filter out the control sequences and only pass the raw image data on to the iOS device.

One concern I have is that maybe the printer output is lower resolution than the actual image stored on the GameBoy Camera.

If so, I have a backup plan. A clever fellow, Alex/Alejandro at insideGadgets.com has created an Arduino shield for reading GameBoy cartridges.

2016-02-09 07.46.53

If the quality of the 'printed' images isn't as good as I was hoping then plan B is to read the image data from the SRAM of the GameBoy Camera cartridge using the Arduino, and then still pass it to my iOS program via the RedPark serial cable.

Anyway, let's see. It'd be interesting to try Bluetooth instead of the serial cable but I'm not too sure if Apple have imposed some artificial restriction.

GameBoy Camera to iPhone

This is a little project I started on a few years ago.

I thought it might be "cool" to take photos on my GameBoy Camera and upload them to Instagram on my iPhone.

To do this, I'd need an Arduino to emulate a GameBoy Printer. It would capture the image data "printed" by the GameBoy and then upload it to my iPhone's Camera Roll.

2016-02-06 14.34.23

This would give me experience in implementing arbitrary serial protocols, interfacing the Arduino with my iPhone (originally by RedPark serial cable, but maybe using Bluetooth instead?), and writing a simple iOS application.

I got started on it - cutting a GameBoy serial cable in half and creating a little breakout board. I'd done my research and found people had done something similar, but using a GameBoy Printer on the Arduino rather than using the Arduino as the printer. So I had somewhere to start.

Using my oscilloscope, I could confirm the INIT sequence being sent by the GameBoy but I got stuck trying to send the ACK. So I lost interest.

2016-02-07 07.18.42

But after being re-invigorated in my tinkering and inventing (maybe my family won't be forced to emigrate?!?), I'm having another crack at it.

Doing some more research today, I found someone who implemented something similar to what I want … roughly around the time I was working on it!

Of course, the serial protocol is very similar to SPI. That simplifies things!

Let's see how I go …